Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Homeschool Preschool

X in the backseat
   We've started homeschooling X for preschool. There are alot of reasons we've chosen to do this, one of which being that by the time most schools consider him old enough to enroll, he will be nearly a year older then the other children due to when his birthday falls (November). We feel he is developmentally ready. So far he's doing great! There are many other reasons, but no need to explain those here.
   I've had alot of parents asking questions about the program we're doing and how it works. I'm basing it on Brightly Beaming Resources, however I felt it was a little too slow paced for X and am choosing to mix it up a little. So I'm posting here to let the inquiring parents know how its going in case they'd like to do something similar. I hope to eventually have it so that at least once a week we meet with other parents to socialize with. If you're interested and near our area please let me know.
Baby J looking slightly unimpressed


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